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Our Mission China Hands United is a not-for-profit organization based in Hong Kong. An advocate for relieving poverty in China, we are working to raise awareness and at the same time providing support for the impoverished people residing in the mountainsides of China. Serving the rural villages of China, China Hands United encourages dialogue to explore feasible, long term and self-sustainable solutions to promote steadfast prosperity in China’s rural countryside.

  • Address: Flat C, 7/F, Nam Fung Mansion,10-H Boundary Street, Mongkok Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • Tel: (852) 3514-2527
  • Fax: (852) 3514-2531
  • Email: China Hands United
  • Hong Kong Charitable Institution Registration #: 91/8295


我們的使命 守助會是一個香港註冊的非牟利慈善機構,於2006年成立,致力扶助中國貧苦家庭脫離貧困。本會創辦的宗旨是:致力研究發展扶貧,善用資源創造就業;推廣宣傳扶貧事工,作橋樑讓大眾參與。 守助會服侍偏遠山區村民,致力提供一個富容納性及調適性的發展模式: 即透過溝通了解、容納並按照個別家庭的需要及他們的能力,再視察並因應實際環境及資源,在他們居住的地方提供就業機會,協助他們發展生計,自力更生,在偏遠山區建立穩定的事業。

  • 地址:香港九龍旺角界限街10-G南楓樓7樓c座
  • 電話:(852)3514-2527
  • 傳真:(852)3514-2531
  • 電郵: China Hands United
  • 稅務局檔案號碼:91/8295
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